MereMarks® is a yellow pad. You can write to it and store text for later use. In order to save the pad, right click in the blue top banner and save the pad where you choose. Pads can be opened from this menu as well, either by searching your files or choosing from the most recently used pads. Many, many pads can be open at once. Pads can de deleted entirely if desired. The pad can be closed from this menu or the button at the bottom of the margin. Exiting closes all pads.

You can cut, copy, delete and paste text, but not images. An undo and redo function can also aid in your editing tasks. The editing menu appears when you right click in the lined text area. When saved, the file name will appear on the top of the pad where the initial pad has "unsaved document". Right clicking in this title area, will bring up the help menu, with the MereMarks help, a MereMarks® copyright with version number, and a license.

The pad has as many pages as you wish; just click the down arrow to add a new page after the last one. To change the page, click the arrows up or down. Or, right click in the margin to bring up the paging menu. Here, you can move to any page identified by the first written words, or to the home page. Pages can also be deleted from this menu. Every page can be as long as desired; the mouse scroll or arrow keys will move the view of the page.

When MereMarks® is started, the previously open pads are loaded, with the last active pad on top. A new pad can be started from the banner menu.

MereMarks® stores default text, colors, and size but these can be changed by right clicking the corner and choosing the appropriate dialog. You can also set the pad default or set your current pad to the default. By default, the pad is yellow and the text is dark blue.

Color, Size, Font