Stat::Fit® Distribution Fitting Software

Reach appropriate distribution with our data input software. Geer Mountain Software Corp offers a student version that is both user-friendly and instructive.

Student Version

Student Version Installation

Download the student version to run the file in Windows. The file will automatically unpack a free student version of Stat::Fit and install it on your system.

Please note that Microsoft Defender erroneously indicates that Stat::Fit may damage your system. To check, right click on [statfit3xxx.exe], scan with Microsoft Defender. This should say "no threats found". If it does, then click "more info" on the Defender screen. You should see the the file comes from an unknown publisher (Geer Mountain Software), hit "run anyway". That will run the install program for Stat::fit. Good to go.

The Student version is limited to 50 points as input data and seven common distributions, but otherwise has the same functionality as the commercial version.  We do not offer a demo version, so please evaluate the software functionality using the student version.

The student version will not run alongside the commercial version.  Please uninstall other versions before loading the student version.

Contact us to learn more about the student version of our statistical software.